About Us

We are an ALL VOLUNTEER led organization, composed of a diverse group of individuals passionate about working with and empowering individuals who are impacted by a criminal record. 


We advocate and organize on issues that impact justice involved individuals, particularly those who are impacted by a felony conviction and its collatoral consequences. Therefore, we support local, state and national efforts and organizations that support grassroots organizing and efforts to end oppressive systems that exploit and/or exclude individuals impacted by a criminal conviction which includes but is not limited to ending employment discrimination of people with criminal records (which contributes greatly to Georgia's high recidivism, unemployment, poverty and homelessness rates), advocating for fair chance hiring, housing and education opportunities for justice involved people, advocating for equity for formerly incarcerated entrpreneurs (who were denied the PPP loans and are often denied bank and other business loans), ending prison slave labor (that explicitly uses the exception in the 13th amendment to get free slave labor, thereby exploiting currently incarcerated people while companies and stockholders get rich) and ending felony disenfranchisement to restore the vote to Georgians on probation and parole who are excluded from their rights as citizens according to the 14th amendment.


We are always in need of volunteers to carry out the work we do to support those we serve and to build capacity to get the change we seek. Therefore, if you share our commitment to doing good to make our communities better and more equitable for those who are justice-involved and want to support the work we do by volunteering, please contact us