Services Offered                                          

  • Resource Referrals (employment, education, basic needs, voting. etc.)
  • Facilitate Job & Career Readiness Workshops
  • Facilitate Life Skills Workshops
  • Facilitate Entrepreneurship Workshops
  • Facilitate Financial Wellness & Goal Setting Workshops
  • Host Reentry-focused Community Events
  • Conduct advocacy & grassroots organizing
  • Provide fee Assistance- IDs, birth certificates & bus passes

Although our job readiness trainings are aimed at assisting formerly incarcerated and convicted Georgians who are 18 years or older with reentry focused and job readiness skills needed to be successful in their pre-employment and post-employment journey, ALL workshops are open to the public.  

 FEE ASSISTANCE: IDs, Birth Certificates & Bus Passes


We do not assist with any fines or fees, traffic tickets or any other fees needed to get driver's licenses reinstated or with rent or utilities. These applications are for individuals and for agencies, organizations or places of worship to apply to receive financial assistance from NewLife-Second Chance Outreach, Inc. (NL-SCO, Inc.) for assistance with the fees associated with obtaining a Georgia ID, a birth certificate or bus passes. You can donate here to support us being able to help even more people get the identification/bus passes they need to find employement and get back and forth to work. Click here to read eligibility requirements and to apply. 





Our job readiness, career development entrepreneur and life skills workshops are aimed at preparing attendees to be successful in their reentry regarding seeking employment or becoming entrepreneurs. These workshops cover a wide range of topics and provide training on essential soft skills, such as resume writing, application completion, interviewing skills, professional etiquette, social skills and conflict resolution strategies, which enhance participants’ ability to obtain and maintain employmen and advance in their positions.



Life skills workshops foster the development of skills needed to be self sufficent within participants' household and within the community such as conflict resolution, financial management skills (e.g., budgeting, managing debt), health and wellness practices, as well as the development of healthy social skills. 

Job readiness workshops include, but are not limited to:

  • email 101
  • social media: friend or foe
  • resume writing
  • navigating online job searches
  • application completion
  • confidence building
  • interviewing skills
  • dress for success
  • money management/budgeting
  • interpersonal communication
  • team building
  • conflict resolution
  • social etiquette 
  • vision boarding
  • entreupreneurial Q & A


For those seeking to becoming business owners, the entrepreneur workshops will cover topics to better equip those in attendance with the steps to becoming an entrepreneur, how to create a business plan, how to access start up capitol, how to market your business, and much more!



Community forums and events are aimed at providing public education not only to those we serve but to the community at large on issues that impact justice-involved individuals and our families such as the barriers to reentry, criminal justice reform legislative updates, understanding your criminal record and how to clean it up, and much more! We host events (and partner with community partners) that address issues that justice-involved people encounter while incarcerated and once released as well as issues that impact our communities such as collateral consequences, voting rights and restoration, expungement, employment, housing and education discriminaton, fair chance hiring and housing opportunities, homelessness and poverty and econominc exploitation such as prison slave labor. Register for upcoming events and visit our YouTube page to see past events. 



Although we are not an organizing organization and do not participate in any lobbying activities or endorse candidates for public office, we do advocate and educate our clients and the community on issues that impact justice involved individuals, particularly those who are impacted by a felony conviction and its collatoral consequences.


Therefore, we support local, state and national efforts and organizations that support grassroots organizing and efforts to end oppressive systems that exploit and/or exclude individuals impacted by a criminal conviction which includes but is not limited to ending employment discrimination of people with criminal records (which contributes greatly to Georgia's high recidivism, unemployment, poverty and homelessness rates), advocating for fair chance hiring, housing and education opportunities for justice involved people, advocating for equity for formerly incarcerated entrepreneurs (who were denied the PPP loans and are often denied bank and other business loans), ending prison slave labor (that explicitly uses the exception in the 13th amendment to get free slave labor, thereby exploiting currently incarcerated people while companies and stockholders get rich) and ending felony disenfranchisement to restore the vote to Georgians on probation and parole who are excluded from their rights as citizens according to the 14th amendment.

         What type of workshops and forums do we do?