FEE ASSISTANCE: IDs, Birth Certificates & Bus Passes

We do not assist with any fines or fees, traffic tickets or any other fees needed to get driver's licenses reinstated or with rent or utilities.


Applications for fee assistance are for individuals and for agencies, organizations or places of worship to apply to receive financial assistance from NewLife-Second Chance Outreach, Inc. (NL-SCO, Inc.) for assistance with the fees associated with obtaining a Georgia ID, a birth certificate or bus passes. NO MONIES WILL BE GIVEN TO THE APPLICANT. ALL MONIES WILL BE PAID TO THE DMV, your state's Vital Records Dept. or to the transit authority. 


If approved, you can only get financial assistance ONCE in your lifetime. Financial assistance is ONLY available if funds are available. You can donate here to support us being able to help even more people get the identification/bus passes they need to find employement and get back and forth to work. Click here to read more and to apply. 


ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: In order to receive assistance, the individual:

  • must be 17+
  • have at least 1 felony conviction on your criminal record
  • must reside in or near Metro ATL, Athens, or Columbus (if you are an agency with an eligible client outside of these areas and your are willing to work with and coordinate with us, we can assist them)
  • must have been released (or will be released) from incarceration or immigrant detention within 90 days.
  • Proof of income (or lack thereof) will be required
  • Individuals are excluded from applying on behalf of a loved one. If they are released, they need to apply themselves. 


Applications that are not complete or have incomplete responses in applicable sections, will be declined for assistance.


Questions? Email FeeAssistance@nlscoinc.org.



  • Individuals- This application is for individuals who have an email, mailing address and phone number and who can apply for themselves. Family members are excluded from applying on behalf of a loved one. 
  • Agency/Orgs- This application is of for agencies, organizations and places of worship to apply on behalf of individual in which the AGENCY/ORG will be the point of contact for an individual who does not have an email, phone number, mailing address or who have difficulty navigating computers. Again, ONLY complete this application as a representative of an agency, organization or place of worship on behalf of an individual in which YOUR agency/org will serve as the point of contact for the indivividual in need. If you have a client that is capable of applying themselves or if you have a client who is not able to navigate a computer but they can be the point of contact and have an email, a phone and a mailing address, feel free to apply on their behalf but use the INDIVIDUAL application instead to enter their responses for them. You can have them complete or you can complete the INDIVIDUAL application for them