Founder's WTVM Columbus Interview- Reentry Awareness Month 2022

In case you missed our Founder's, interview with WTVM of Columbus, on us being granting the Governor's proclamation to recognize Reentry Awareness Month for the 6th year and to highlight the importance of 2nd chances for people impacted by a criminal conviction, you can watch/read it hereAlso, be sure to register to attend our upcoming free & virtual events aimed at educating, empowering and inspiring our community. 

Spotlight: Second Chance Month: We are all worthy of them

"What better time to honor my 2nd chance than during #SecondChanceMonth? Through my work as the Client Services Advocate, I am able pay it forward by assisting our clients in getting the 2nd chances they deserve, just like the one that Southern Center for Human Rights has given to me. Everyone deserves 2nd Chances & with support, compassion & empathy from the community, we ALL can reach our full potential, contribute to society and successfully thrive! I'm glad to be a part of the SCHR team!" - Waleisah

Justice Day 2020: Columbus Criminal Justice Reform Advocates Ride the Bus to the Capitol 

2/28/20- Along with other Georgia organizations, we co-hosted Justice Day 2020! Our founder, coordinated and led efforts for Columbus supporters and others directly impacted by the criminal justice system to be transported to the Capitol to attend Justice Day 2020's day long advocacy event. You can watch WTVM's news interview of the bus boarding and Waleisah's interview here.

Founder Urges City Council To #EndCashBail in Columbus, GA on 1/14/20

Our founder, Waleisah, spoke before city council urging them to stop supporting the criminalization of the poor and to #EndCashBail and pretrial detention in Columbus, GA. You can watch her news interview here

July 2019- NewLife-Second Chance Outreach, Inc. hosts 3rd Annual Job & Resource Fair for Individuals with Criminal Records. 

Watch the video here

February 2019- NL-SCO, Inc. Partners with the Southern Center for Human Rights to Present Criminal Justice Reform Advocacy Training

Click here to watch video

February 2018- NL-SCO, Inc. Partners with GA Justice Project and Columbus NAACP 2nd Year in a Row to Coordinate Transportation to Atlanta's "Justice Day at the Capitol" to talk to Lawmakers about Criminal Justice Reform in Georgia.

Read the article here

Proclamation Received by NL-SCO, Inc. to Honor July as Reentry Awareness Month statewide for the 3rd Consecutive Year! 

March 2018: NL-SCO, Inc. Partners with #Cut50 and Hosts "Empathy Day for Women" luncheon with legislators to support the passing of Georgia's HB 857

Women are the fastest growing incarceration population, often as a result of being victims themselves or simply trying to survive, and are treated worse than their male counterparts. Women have unique needs and are often denied the dignity that we would want our own mothers and daughters to have once they are incarcerated such as being denied hygiene and access to tampons and pads to manage their menstruation, being denied access to mental health and medical assistance during and after pregancy, denied access to phone calls and visitations to maintain their maternal bonds with their children and are subjected to being stripped searched by male guards, raped and sexually assault by other incarcerated women as well as the male staff as retaliation or as conditions to see their children. THIS MUST STOP! 


To bring awareness to the atrocities that incarcerated women and girls face, NewLife-Second Chance Outreach, Inc. partnered with #Cut50 and several Georgia advocacy organizations to host community events to engage citizens on the issue for the need for Empathy for incarcerated women and girls and the critical need to support the passing of HB857, a bill that would REQUIRE:

  1. access to feminine hygiene products- Access to tampons and pads for incarcerated people is a right, not a privilege. No one should have to beg for what they need to manage their period. You can read more on activist, Kimberly Haven's, fight for mentrual equity for incarcerated women here.
  2. no coughing/squatting for pregnant women
  3. no male strip searches
  4. no men in areas where women bathe or undress
  5. consideration of family location during placement


On March 6, 2018, we hosted lunch with a legislator, not to lobby but for them to hear the concerns of formerly incarcerated women and other concerned citizens who wanted their stories to be heard and their pleas to be on record of how they and their loved ones have been and are being treated while incarcerated. The WTVM News interview is no longer on the website but you can watch it live on Facebook

September 2017- Our Founder, Waleisah, Announces Run for District 7 City Council Seat, Vying to Become the 1st Formerly Incarcerated Elected Official in the STATE!

WRBL news interview about 2017 reentry awareness month events

2017 WTVM- 2nd Annual "One Stop Shop Resource & Job Fair" for Individuals with Criminal Records

Click here to read the news article

Our Founder Joined Local Community Activists in Atlanta for Justice Day at the Capitol 2017 to Speak with Local and State Legislators About The Issues of Mass Incarceration and Its Crippling Impact on Columbus and the State of Georgia (2/1/17) 

Our founder and a board director, Meeko Menefee, attended Justice Day at the Capitol on 2/2/17 along with local Columbus leaders to speak with state legisl​ators about the issues surrounding criminal justice reform and how our communities are drastically impacted by mass incarceration, the barriers to reentry and the stigmas associated with having a criminal record in hopes of reaching solutions to give better opportunities for those returning home from prison and affected by a felony conviction. Please click the document below to read the entire story.

2017 Ledger Article: Georgia has the highest percentage of people under correctional control.
Founder Speaks at Justice Day 2017 and speaks with legislators about criminal justice reform with Columbus NAACP chapter members.
Ledger Article Justice Day 2017 GA has h[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [176.2 KB]

PHYSICAL OFFICE CLOSED, BUT THE WORK CONTINUES!                                                                  

2016 Columbus (GA) Ledger Inquirer- "Columbus Prison Re-Entry Program Closes Due to Lack of Funding" 


“It’s been a great ride these last three years, but it isn’t financially sound to continue to provide free services without donations coming in,” Wilson wrote in a news release announcing the closing. “But the organization will still be doing great things as its president has started a new journey in her life and the organization has been contacted and received several offers to collaborate and relocate to four other states. So our efforts to equip, empower and restore formerly incarcerated individuals deserving of second chances will continue, just not in the capacity that it has been.”

Our Founder & Board Director featured in the Inspiration section of online magazine's "The Prison Report" on January 29, 2016
























Please click the link to read the full story:


July 5, 2016: Interview with Joe Ripley of WRBL News About New GA Law That Could Reduce Jail Populations

You can click the video below to watch it on our YouTube page or click here to watch it on WRBL's website.

July 6, 2016: Interview with Iresha Jones of WTVM    (Reentry Awareness Month and Kickoff Events)

July 7, 2016: Interview with Greg Loyd of WRBL News             (Would You Hire This Woman? The Importance of Giving Second Chances to the Formerly Incarcerated)

July 14, 2016: Community Spotlight Guest on WRBL with Mercer Van Schoor

July 20, 2016: Interview with Ashley Garrett of WTVM              (Support Group for Formerly Incarcerated)

July 20, 2016 Interview with Jose Zozaya of WTVM                 (The importance of Formerly Incarcerated Being Supported in Their Reentry and Changing Our "Circle" of Friends)

June 29, 2016 We were featured in the Columbus Ledger Enquirer on our efforts in receiving a proclamation from Governor Nathan Deal to recognize July 2016 as Reentry Awareness Month in the state of Georgia. You can view the article here:

On June 23, 2016, we had the honor of meeting the Governor of Georgia, Nathan Deal, and receiving a proclamation observing July 2016 as Reentry Awareness Month for the state of Georgia. It was truly an honor to not only be recognized for this accomplishment but to know that our founder is a returning citizen who has not only worked hard in establishing a firm foundation for this organization within the community but is a returning citizen herself who knows first hand the challenges of reentry and the long road of trying to rebuild your life and re-establish trust with family and the community once released from prison. 

On June 7, 2016, we went before city council of Columbus, GA to receive our proclamation to observe July 2016 as Reentry Awareness Month. We are so proud as we have worked very hard these past two years to bring awareness to the challenges faced by retruning citizens, including the lack of employment, housing and access to public assistance, all neccessities needed in order to be productive and self-sufficient members of our communities. 

June 2016- It was such an honor to be asked to participate in a promotional video for National Reentry Awareness Month. It's so great to be a part of a project featuring so many accomplished, productive and successful returning citizens! 

On March, 27, 2015 an article featuring an interview with our very own Waleisah  Wilson ran on the front page of the Ledger-Enquirer regarding her views on "Ban the Box" and its pros and cons. You can read the aricle here:

November 2015: Interview with WRBL News on the challenges of reentry                        

NewLife-Second Chance Outreach, Inc. Hosts Fundraiser to help Ex-Offenders Find Jobs

May 2014: Watch the video here

On April 4, 2014, we were interviewed by WLTZ 38's Natalie Fultz about our program and why we feel it's important to hire ex-offenders in order to reduce our city's crime. (The video has since been removed by its creator and is therefore, unavailable.)

On April 16, 2014, we were interviewed again to get our opinion on the passing of Senate Bill 365, the new bill signed by Gov. Deal requiring the Georgia Board of Corrections to create a certificate program to ensure that ex-offenders are ready to re-enter society and find jobs. The program will require inmates to complete treatment plans and vocational training while in prison, and adhere to the plans once they're released or put on probation and parole.


Senate Bill 365, good news for ex-offenders

Posted: Apr 14, 2014 6:13 PM EDT

Updated: Apr 14, 2014 6:13 PM EDT




By Natalie Fultz

COLUMBUS - From fast food restaurants to construction work, employment opportunities for ex-offenders are slim to none.

"If you have felony, you're supposed to always be stuck on the back line flipping burgers. They aren't giving you an opportunity and a lot of those places, even if they are hiring people with a felony, that's only for the you're ineligible. Period," Waleisah Wilson says.

Maybe it's the stereotype that surrounds an ex-con that keeps employers from giving them a chance.

"Will it be a financial risk? Will they steal from me? Will they assault someone? Those are validated risks," Wilson says.

But if ex-cons can't find jobs, how can the recidivism rate go down? Governor Deal is trying to tackle that problem signing Senate Bill 365 that requires prisons to offer programs that will teach prisoners job skills while behind bars.

"A lot of them are lacking on the "soft" skills..knowing how to communicate with other people, and a lot of them are lacking on how to do a proper resume. A lot of them don't have interviewing skills," Wilson says.

But even with this program would employers give ex-cons a fair chance? Only time will tell if this certificate will make a difference.


On April 16, 2014, our very own Meeko Menefee was interviewed by WTVM's Sara Lim during today's Offender Job Fair held by Bell Walker of the Columbus Probation Office, GA News Weather

On April 16, 2014, we were invited to attend the first ever Offender Job Fair and were interviewed by WTVM news as well as the local paper, Columbus Ledger Enquirer. Below is our pic that made the front page! You can read the full article at

WTVM news coverage and interview of our Ruby Tuesday Community GiveBack Fundraiser held on May, 18, 2014., GA News Weather

June 5, 2014- Ledger Inqurer. Ex-offender reentry program launched in Columbus