Look who's been hired and is turning their DISASTER into DIRECTION!!!

NOTE: Although we have assisted over 70% of our clients with gaining employment, only the ones listed below have agreed and consented to have their names, initials, images, their stories and/or their journey with this organization featured.                                  


                                                   Last Updated: September 2015



September 2015- Tony J was hired as a Cashier (restaurant)

“In order to change my environment so that I wouldn't get in any more trouble from being around the wrong people, I moved to Columbus from Illinois on a whim. Practically homeless, no one would give me a job based on my record and I started to give up until I came in contact with the people at NewLife-Second Chance. With their help I was able to get a job on the same day I was seen! This meant a lot to me because they didn't just give me a list of places to go, they actually called people and advocated on my behalf which led to an interview  being scheduled right there while I was sitting in their office. Ms. Wilson went above and beyond making sure that I was successful and her having gone through the same thing that I have made me feel even better and the fact that they don't get paid to do what they do means they really have a passion for helping people like me. I'm now enrolled in college to work on my associates degree to be a Registered Health Information Tech and saving to get a car! I truly feel that if they had not helped me, I would have given up and still be without a job."  ~ Tony Johnson (10/8/15)

August 2015- S.G. was hired in the Restaurant field

May 2015- T.T. was hired in the Sales field

May 2015- A.P. was hired in the Hospitality field

May 2015- L.W. was hired in the Health Care field

May 2015- J.D. was hired in the Production field in Phenix City, AL

April 2015- J.M. was HIRED in the Production field in Lagrange, GA

March, 2015- M.L. was HIRED in the health field

May 2015- Reginald M. was hired as Cook (Restaurant)

“This is a great organization and I thank them for everything that they did to not only help me geta  job but went to bat for me on my behalf! If it was not for them, I would still be unemployed!"  ~ Reginald McCrary (7/6/14)


Reginald came to us in May and after a few weeks, and following through with the job referrals we gave him, he gained employment at a local restaurant. He says that he enjoys his job and is grateful for us and our efforts to advocate for him when needed. Congratulations, Reginald, on a job well done as with changing your criminal mindset and wanting to be a productive citizen has truly paid off! We are glad that we were able to help you to turn your "disaster into direction"! 

May 2014- Brandy S. was hired as a Cook (restaurant)

“The ladies at New Life Second Chance Outreach have been very helpful to me in obtaining a job at Ryan’s restaurant. They were courteous and respectful and they showed me how to not let the fear of striking out keep me from playing the game. They showed me that it doesn’t matter what I have been through in the past, I can always strive to make a future” ~ Brandy Sylvis (5/31/14)


Brandy came to us on April 25th and after following through with our job referrals, taking our advice on marketing herself in her job search efforts and interviews, she notified us on May 29th that, with our help advocating for her, she is now one of the newest crew members at Ryan's! She says that she is truly grateful for us and our efforts to advocate for her in her journey to seek and find employment. Congratulations, Brandy on a job well done as with accepting accountability, changing your criminal mindset, staying vigilant in your job search and being determined and dedicated to stay on the right path to becoming a better person by deciding that you will NOT allow your past to dictate your future! Again, CONGRATULATIONS!

June 2014- Misty H. was hired as a Server (restaurant)

“I had been looking for a job for a long time and hadn’t been to get one on my own. I really appreciate what NewLife has done for me in helping me to get a second chance.” ~ Misty Hughes (6/2/14)




Misty first came to us on April 22nd seeking our assistance as she had become frustrated with no one giving her a job due to her criminal background. After giving her referrals to employers who were willing to give her a second chance and where her personality and hard work would shine, she later contacted us informing us that she had later become employed on May 26th! She is now a server at Ryan’s and says that she really enjoys her job. Congratulations, to you Misty on a job well done as you have made a great choice to “Turn your Disaster into Direction." Again, CONGRATULATIONS!

June 2014- Derek B. was hired as a Maintenance & Grounds Technician (hotel)

“New Life really helped me out with finding places that would hire someone with a background like mine. I am truly grateful for them.” ~ Derek Boutwell(6/3/14)




We first met Derek on April 16th at a job fair for offenders and were completely disheartened by his story of being unexpectedly fired because of his criminal background, despite having been a loyal and exemplary employee for 8 months! Derek was discouraged and broken as being employed allowed him to be self-sufficient, kept him busy and was a deterrent from committing criminal activity. Our desire to encourage and empower Derek caused us to help him on his journey to obtain and maintain sustainable employment.


It is with pleasure to inform you that with our help, and his determination to succeed and refrain from re-offending, Derek has secured employment at an employer who is not only aware of his criminal background but were willing to give him a second chance. Congratulations, Derek on your tenacity to “Turn your Disaster into Direction."

June 2014- Steven H. was hired as an Automotive Technician (auto repair shop)

“This organization has really helped me by encouraging me to not give up in my job searches. They didn’t judge me based on my criminal charges and believed in me. They are great and really do want to help us.” ~ Steven Howard (6/10/14)




Steven had a variety of work skills but needed someone to advocate for him as he was

finding it difficult to get employers to look past his criminal record. With our help in assisting him to create a more marketable resume and referring him to

businesses that would be willing to give him a second chance, we are proud to announce that Steven

was hired the same day that he was interviewed! Congratulations, Steven on your hard work to stay on track and stay encouraged!