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Donate $2 for 2nd Chances Annual Fundraiser 

Our annual fundraiser is here and we could really use yoru help. We have great events lined up for next month's Reentry Awareness Month in Columbus, GA. Won't you help us reach our $1,000.00 goal? 



We've done it again! Our request to have July 2019 recognized as REENTRY AWARENESS MONTH IN GEORGIA has been approved! 

July is Reentry Awareness Month throughout the state of Georgia, thanks to our founder Waleisah Wilson. Please take the time this month to educate yourselves on the importance of smart justice and reentry initiatives that contribute to the success of those with criminal convictions. A felony conviction and incarceration IS the punishment itself and once ex-offenders have been convicted or have returned home from jail or prison, we should not be subjected to a lifetime of punishment such as the lack of opportunities in employment, housing, education, access to resources and the inability to vote.


Please soften your hearts to understand that we all make mistakes and should not pay for them forever  and that when ex-offenders are given opportunities to be successful and self-sufficient, our chances of re-offending are lessened. During this month (and every month), please support employers and businesses that hire returning citizens as they are truly contributing to and INVESTING in the success of these individuals and to the safety of our communities.


Thanks again, Governor Brian Kemp for approving our founder's request to recognize July as Reentry Awareness Month in the state of Georgia for the 3rd consecutive year, making it the first tiem ever that reentry awareness month was not only recognized for an entire month but throughout the entire state of Georgia. 


Please feel free to use #GAReentryAwarenessMonth #Im4SecondChances and #GA4SecondChances on your social media platforms to bring awareness to the importance of giving second chances to those with criminal convictions and who have changed their lives for the better. 

Justice Day (at the Capitol) February 26, 2018: Columbus Advocates Travel to the Capitol to talk to Lawmakers about Criminal Justice Reform

 Felon-Friendly Job Openings & Announcements

WE NO LONGER HAVE A PHYSICAL OFFICE and therefore no longer provide IN-OFFICE job referrals!


However, we continue to build relationships with local employers and post ONLY felon-friendly job openings, housing and educational opportunities on our Facebook page so please be sure to "like" and "follow" it for updates at


If you have a criminal record and are looking for employment, please request to join our jobs group. You must answer the 3 questions COMPLETELY in order to be accepted to the group. (we ask that you not share any of the jobs on your page as it decreases the chances of you yourself or other ex-offenders getting the job). You can request to join here:


ALL future reentry focused workshops, forums and job fairs will be at local libraries or other venues in the community. Our contact info is as follows:


                         Phone: (706) 530-1039 (Tues-Thur 10am-3pm)  


                             Twitter: @NLSecondChance


***** NOTE: On our FACEBOOK page, we ONLY post announcements from employers, realty companies and educational instutions that are willing to give second chances so rest assured that our Facebook page is BY US, FOR US!