Our History- Why We Were Created

Formed in 2012 by a recently released black woman living with the challenges of finding employment, housing and accessing community resources due to a felony conviction, NewLife-Second Chance Outreach, Inc. was created in Columbus, Georgia to address an obvious gap in services (and advocacy) for local citizens impacted by the criminal legal system. NewLife-Second Chance Outreach, Inc. was created to:  

  • address the lack in reentry services for individuals impacted by a criminal conviction
  • to connect justice-impacted people to resources needed to be successful and productive within their communities: job & career readiness training, job referrals, entrepreneurship, housing, money & credit management, banking resources, voter education & engagement, education and community resources.
  • advocate for fair chance hiring & housing policies, social justice, equity, economic and community inclusion
  • bring awareness to employers, housing providers, citizens and other community stakeholders of the benefits to the community of giving 2nd chances to justice-impacted people.

Due to its success in bringing awareness to the challenges to a successful reintegration, the importance of giving 2nd chance employment and housing opportunities, the negative impact of societal stigmas, discrimination and exclusion of impacted individuals, their families and communities, connecting hundreds of individuals to job readiness skills, employment and necessary community resources and relocating to Atlanta in 2021, the organization shifted its services from local to statewide.

Today, the organization has assisted individuals throughout the state with connecting with job readiness training and employment, housing, education, legal, financial wellness, entrepreneurial, voter education and community resources through its vast network of collaborations and partnerships with employment, housing, legal and community resource stakeholders.  


The mission of NewLife-Second Chance Outreach, Inc. is to reduce recidivism by equipping, empowering and restoring hope to socially and economically disadvantaged individuals impacted by an arrest or criminal conviction through workforce development, job readiness and entrepreneurship so that they may become whole, productive, self-sufficient and law-abiding citizens within their communities. 


It is our vision that our communities will be ones in which ALL citizens are given the opportunities needed to thrive, take care of themselves and their families so they may be restored to productive and engaged citizens of their communities. 

We envision communities that are restorative, support social justice, equity, economic and community inclusion for individuals impacted by a criminal conviction. 


At NewLife-Second Chance Outreach, Inc., we believe that when inspired, encouraged and supported and when given hand UPS (not handouts), those with criminal records ARE able to be productive and successful within their communities if only given.........A SECOND CHANCE!    

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