Although we are no longer opened on Mondays and Fridays, below are local, state, federal and cultural holidays and observances that we will be closed for business. 


January 17, 2022- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

May 30, 2022- Memorial Day

June 20, 2022- Juneteenth observance

July 4, 2022- 4th of July

September 5, 2022- Labor Day

October 10, 2022- Indigenous Peoples' Day

November 1, 2022- Our Founder's Birthday

November 11, 2022- Veteran's Day

November 23, 2022-November 25, 2022- Observance The Native American Day of Mourning & Native American Heritage Day

December 5, 2022-January 2, 2023- Winter Wellness Break (to allow our volunteers to take a much needed wellness break, to de-stress, recover from burnout, spend time to grieve, focus on our families and to re-energize for 2023. Winter can be a hard time for many, including those who have lost loved ones recently and this may be their first holiday without them or because winter can be a contributor of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a “recurring major depression with a seasonal pattern" triggered by the short days and long nights of winter and affects 10% of the population, mostly women", we want to be supportive of those who need this time take car eof themselves and their mental and physical)


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