Our Services 

Our services are limited to Georgians (and Alabamians in select cities) who are impacted by the criminal legal system through arrest, probation and/or incarceration or detention. 

  • If you are justice-involved and would like to be added to our email list to receive background friendly resources, complete the client application. (a justice involved is defined as someone who has been involved or impacted by the criminal legal system by one of more of the following: arrest, incarceration/detention, probation, parole, community service, ankle monitoring, etc.)
  • If you are a nonprofit, community resource provider, agency, place of worship, corrections staff, friend or loved one or  that wants to be on the email list to receive background friendly resources for someone else who is justice involved, please complete the email sign up form

Media Inquiries: To request an interview, please email waleisah@nlscoinc.org

Job & Career Readiness Training 

Clients receive job & career readiness training in their job search journey: job search techniques, applications, resumes, cover letters, emails, social media, Zoom, interviewing, Google calendar, and dressing for success. 

Job Referrals

We partner with employers, workforce development and apprenticeship programs throughout Georgia to connect our clients to their open job and career opportunities. We ONLY partner with employers, workforce development and apprenticeship programs whose opportunities are open to individuals WITH felonies. 

Money & Credit Management

We regularly offer financial and credit wellness workshops and partner with local financial wellness organizations and banks to offer support to our clients with their financial goals on their path to self sufficiency and financial health and wellness. 

Entrepreneurship Training

We are firm believers that if employers refuse to give you a door to economic prosperity...CREATE YOUR OWN DOOR! Clients receive training on how to start their own businesses and receive valuable resources related on how to grow their businesses such as marketing, branding, copyrighting, building personal and business credit, banking, legal, HR, bookkeeping and so much more! 

Community Resource Referrals

By connecting our clients with housing providers, educational institutions, legal organizations, places of worship and community resource agencies, they are able to get the support they need to be whole and self-sufficient.

Financial & Fee Assistance

When funds are donated and are available, recently released individuals are able to receive assistance with the critical documents needed to gain employment, housing and enroll in school (IDs, birth certificates and bus passes) and clients with housing (or who are unsheltered) may be able to receive financial assistance with non rent housing needs such as utilities and groceries (including pet food).

Life & Social Skills

We facilitate workshops and trainings that equip our clients with the skills needed to effectively communicate and be socially engaged in appropriate and professional ways:

  • conflict resolution
  • confidence building
  • team building
  • interpersonal communication
  • leadership development & self-determination advocacy
  • social etiquette
  • vision boarding & goal setting

Public Speaking & Workshop Facilitation

To request a speaker or workshop facilitator, please email office@nlscoinc.org

Technology Training

Clients are provided easy paced training on how to be successfully engaged and skilled in how to navigate a virtual world as well as access critical technology needed for job searching: use computers, video conferencing services, creating email accounts, using Google calendars, creating social media and LinkedIn accounts.  

Advocacy & 
Civic Engagement

Although we do not participate in any lobbying activities or endorse candidates for public office, we do conduct grassroots organizing, advocacy and civic engagement activities to educate and ignite our clients and the community on issues of public concern, particularly those that impact justice involved individuals and our families.

Therefore, we support local, state and national efforts as well as organizations that support grassroots organizing, advocacy and civic engagement efforts that identify and address issues of public concern and end oppressive systems that exploit and/or exclude individuals impacted by a criminal conviction which includes but is not limited to ending employment discrimination of people with criminal records (which contributes greatly to Georgia's high recidivism, unemployment, poverty and homelessness rates), advocating for fair chance hiring, housing and education opportunities for justice involved people, ending probation and parole and cash bail, advocating for common sense and rational sex offense laws and policies that protect society but also do not subject those forced to register as sex off***ers to public shaming, being dehumanized, discriminated against or have their constitutional rights violated, equity for formerly incarcerated entrepreneurs (who were often denied the PPP loans and are often denied bank and other business loans), ending slavery (prison slave labor that's exploited by way of the 13th amendment) and ending felony disenfranchisement to restore the vote to Georgians on probation and parole who are excluded from their rights as citizens according to the 14th amendment.

Voter Education, Engagement & Capacity Building

We conduct non-partisan activities that include, but are not limited to, the IRS approved activities for 501c3 charities such as hosting public education and training sessions about voter rights (particularly regarding voting with a felony), ID requirements, participation in the political process, hosting candidate forums/debates where ALL viable candidates are invited and given equal opportunity to speak on a broad range of issues, including those that relate to our mission, distributing voter guides to the public that give candidates’ views on a broad range of issues, educating ALL candidates on issues that impact those served by the mission of the organization and conducting nonpartisan get-out- the-vote and voter protection activities and education drives. 

We also support and partner with local, state and national voter education organizations and #GOTV efforts, especially those focused on getting out the vote to marginalized communities, including citizens who are justice-impacted and those in rural and underserved communities.

We are NOT a 501c4, and therefore DO NOT directly or indirectly contribute to, participate in, intervene in, endorse or publicly support (written or verbal) any political campaign activities or candidates locally, statewide or federally nor do we distribute materials prepared by others that support or oppose any candidate for public office as prohibited under the Internal Revenue Code for 501(c)(3) charitable organizations. 

Activities, we do and do NOT participate in can be found here.

Reentry Focused Community Events

Community forums and events are aimed at providing public education not only to those we serve but to the community at large on issues that impact justice-involved individuals and our families such as the barriers to reentry, criminal justice reform legislative updates, understanding your criminal record and how to clean it up, and much more! 

We host events (and partner with key community stakeholders) that address issues that justice-involved people encounter while incarcerated and once released as well as issues that impact our communities such as collateral consequences, voting rights and restoration, expungement, employment, housing and education discriminaton, fair chance hiring and housing opportunities, homelessness and poverty and econominc exploitation such as prison slave labor. 

Register for upcoming events and visit our YouTube page to see past events. 


Please send all LEGAL correspondence to: Northwest Registered Agent Service, Inc. 300 Colonial Center Parkway, STE 100N Roswell , GA 30076